Training Programmes

Every business or company has different training needs with specific issues that need to be addressed.

Storkeys’ Team whilst offering a wide range of training, specializes in designing a programme to meet your particular needs. The programes outlined here are a summary of the subjects covered.

Leadership Training

Storkeys’ Team are a husband and wife combination who have been involved in small business and training for the past 25 years. Covering a broad spectrum of private enterprise from retail to real estate and an extensive involvement in community non profit organisations has given them an excellent insight into effective leadership and how to meet the everyday challenges of leading a team.

Their hands-on knowledge in motivating and leading a team, achieving meaningful goals and providing a workable plan to achieve the company’s vision make them an ideal choice to help and mentor your operation.

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Effective Management

Over a period of twenty five years Mike and Lesley have learned the importance of effective management. Irrespective of the size of the operation, from just a handful of staff, to running a large organisation, be it business or community based, requires effective management.

Mike and Lesley have been involved in managing various successful businesses both for themselves and for others. In addition they have led and managed community organisations whose operations covered three States and several thousand members. Let their first hand knowledge show you the way to effectively manage your business and reap the rewards.

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Team Building

From working as a husband and wife team in retail to running a successful real estate agency not to mention leading a team of over 3000 in an International non profit organisation both Lesley and Mike have had plenty of experience in team building. Sharing the vision and then developing the individual skills of each member to produce an effective, enthusiastic and productive team is a challenge they have successfully dealt with many times.

Team building is often the difference between success and stagnation. The old adage of “Together everyone achieves more” , TEAM is the basis of taking your business to the next level. There is only so much that one person can achieve, so why not develop your team and see where it can lead?

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Powerful Communication

Whether talking to a client or presenting to a group or even addressing a large audience, powerful communication is a vital tool in getting your message across Over 20 years experience in communicating to staff; clients and the community at large have allowed Lesley and Mike to hone their communications skills. From preparation to delivery let Storkeys’ Team show you how to read your audience, enhance your speaking skills and avoid the risk of being misunderstood.

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Sales Training for the Professional

Salespeople are the driving force in business. Everything a business does ultimately depends on the sale of its products, services or knowledge to a customer. Yet of all the skills required in business, salesmanship is the most overlooked. Considering the importance of this vital function to the continued success of your business or career the need to develop these skills is paramount.

Contact Storkeys’ Team to discuss your specific needs and have them develop a customized training programme for your business.

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