Is a lack of a cohesive team vision hampering your company’s decisions?


Does your organisation have a Vision and Mission Statement? Does all of your staff know it? And is it clearly displayed in your places of business? 

Is the culture of your business conducive to the well-being of your team? Does your team understand the relationship between culture and vision?

The importance of sharing the Vision cannot be overstated. Less than 20% of businesses or organisations have one, yet approximately 95% of successful businesses or organisations do. It’s time to ensure everyone in your organisation shares the vision in order that the organisation’s aspirations can be achieved, and that everyone is on the same page.

Points covered:-

  • Establishing a corporate vision
  • How will your customers benefit?
  • Does it encapsulate what you do?
  • How to put the mission into words
  • Marketing the vision
  • Creating a collective entity
  • Utilising your resources.

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