Select from these workshops, or we will custom tailor one to meet your specific requirements, utilising the skills of adult learning, role-play and audience participation and interaction.

Does your team suffer from a lack of conflict resolution?


Every business no matter how big or small will at one time or another experience some form of conflict. Discover the way to resolve these disputes through facilitation and mediation. 

Is poor communication costing you money?


Does your company suffer from a lack of effective communications? Effective communication underpins all aspects of modern society, from business to personal endeavours. The need to communicate effectively makes good business sense, reducing misunderstanding, providing clarity of direction and demonstrating the benefits of your products and services to others. Yet, sadly, despite its obvious importance to the bottom line, it is one of the most neglected skills in business today.

Is the inability to manage change holding you back?

Change Management/ THE CASE FOR CHANGE

The only constant in this world is change. Accepting this as a reality will enable you to develop your skills to be an effective contributor in a world of change. 

Suffering from never having enough time to accomplish your goals?


The focus of the workshop will be on prioritising and utilising time management resources available to all. The ultimate aims are to offer strategies which will result in increased productivity, improved harmony and a lower stress level of operation!

Having problems “closing the sale”?


Salespeople are the driving force in business. Everything a business does ultimately depends on the sale of its products, services or knowledge to a customer.

Is a lack of a cohesive team vision hampering your company’s decision?


Does your organisation have a Vision and Mission Statement? Does all of your staff know it? And is it clearly displayed in your places of business? 

The importance of sharing the Vision cannot be overstated. 

Want to develop a more dynamic team to lead your business to greater success?

Team development and building ... A TEAM OF CHAMPIONS

The importance of a team, working towards a common goal, cannot be over stressed. A cohesive team is the foundation of most successful ventures and the need to build a team that works together (Together Everyone Achieves More), rather than a group of individuals, should be the aim of management irrespective of the objectives.


Developing Your Team to become better problem-solvers and provide effective solutions.


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