Having problems “closing the sale”?


Salespeople are the driving force in business. Everything a business does ultimately depends on the sale of its products, services or knowledge to a customer; on "closing the sale".

Everybody is a “salesperson”, whether you are a receptionist, town planner or engineer. Customers see the person they are dealing with face-to-face, on the phone or by email as the representative of that organisation. You become the XYZ Company in their eyes. How well do you “sell” the organisation? Do you do all the lead up work and then fail to deliver; fail to "close the sale"? Do you provide a favourable impression of the organisation you represent? Learn how to become a more efficient “salesperson” and watch the reputation of your organisation grow.

Points covered:-

  • Sales techniques
  • “Getting the message across”
  • Answering objections
  • Follow up.
Communication skills
The lost art of listening
Time management
Goal Setting
Answering objections
Follow up and databank recording
Presentation Skills
Product Knowledge

Professional salespeople are not order takers - they work in retail outlets where the customers come to them.

A professional salesperson is one who finds the customer, matches their needs and provides the solution, a far more challenging task.

If you wish to hone your skills as a salesperson or join this important industry, then contact us at Storkeys’ Team and become a professional.

Contact us at Storkeys’ Team and become a professional