There are many instances in business and corporate life where it is necessary to instigate a two way dialogue between a small or large group of employees and/ or customers or clients. Hence the facilitator!

It may be a business seminar, annual general meeting or a planning meeting, whatever the occasion the ability to get meaningful communications going is often difficult.

Staff often feel intimidated speaking their mind at such occasions. Clients are often hesitant to give feedback directly to the company. People often try to monopolize the floor or stray off track.

Enter the facilitator!

A professional facilitator can draw out meaningful information, control disruptive participants and ensure that the group focuses on the topic.

Their unbiased stature encourages debate, stimulates audience participation and can often provide a valuable insight into the groups’ motivations.

Planning a function that requires a facilitator?

Facilitation is an interactive skill which can transform business meetings, information presentations, strategic planning sessions, etc. Almost any group activity which requires a two way communication between the audience and the organizer will benefit from utilizing a trained facilitator.

Facilitators provide:

Interaction with the group
Obtain feedback from the audience
Focus on the topic
The ability to stay on track
Control of disruptive participants
Ensure everyone gets the opportunity to speak
Unbiased mediation
Objective group leadership
Probing questions
Ask the hard questions that others may avoid
Impartial observations
Pose hypothetical situations to generate debate
Unemotional involvement
Present a non threatening channel enhancing valuable feedback
To recommend potential future courses of action

“Your excellent facilitation skills were instrumental in the success of the (Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority’s Outlook Report) community events. With your ability to make community members feel comfortable contributing to the high standard of information we received from this process. Thank you for your assistance in these (eleven) events and we look forward to working with you in the future.”

Karen Vohland
Director of Communication and Education
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority

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