Team Building Programmes

From working as a husband and wife team in retail to running a successful real estate agency not to mention leading a team of over 3000 in an International non profit organisation both Lesley and Mike have had plenty of experience in team building. Sharing the vision and then developing the individual skills of each member to produce an effective, enthusiastic and productive team is a challenge they have successfully dealt with many times.

Unless you are a one man operation you have to develop a team to achieve your goals. This session examines what makes a good team, how to motivate the group and what roles individual members will fulfill and how to best utilize their individual talents.

Team building is often the difference between success and stagnation. The old adage of “Together everyone achieves more” , TEAM is the basis of taking your business to the next level. There is only so much that one person can achieve, so why not develop your team and see where it can lead?

"Lesley and Mike always involve their audience in their sessions and get great participation.  I have observed their style in dealing with “difficult” audience members – those who don’t want to participate through to the “know it alls” and these situations have always been handled well with no-one feeling left out, always encouraged, never put down and the audience not disenfranchised because of a minority. They have a great way of keeping participants feeling valued. I particularly like their style of combining traditional learning with hands-on practice, workshop style sessions where you have to actually “do” the learning."

Marilyn Freeman
Executive Assistant – Committees Office, Qld Parliament
Advanced Toastmaster Silver, HPL
Assessor & Trainer Cert IV

All that may be standing between you and your expectations is the lack of an effective team.

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