Sales Training for the Professional

Salespeople are the driving force in business. Everything a business does ultimately depends on the sale of its products, services or knowledge to a customer.

Yet of all the skills required in business, salesmanship is the most overlooked.

Considering the importance of this vital function to the continued success of your business or career the need to develop these skills is paramount.

What is a salesman?

All too often salespeople are denigrated as a profession and seen as a group of uninspired people who sell encyclopedias door to door, life insurance over the phone or funeral funds on television. Nothing could be further from the truth. Salespeople are the life blood of industry and commerce.

Without professional salespeople commerce and industry would grind to a halt. There would be nobody to sell your house, sell you a car, a new computer or any item you can name. They are the dynamo that keeps the wheels turning and that is why professional salespeople are amongst the highest paid individuals in business.

How do I become a professional salesperson?

Despite the common belief that some people are born salespeople nothing could be further from the truth. Granted there are some gifted amateurs and some people have the gift of the gab, but this does not make them a professional salesperson.

Those who are will tell you that the skills that set them apart as leaders in their profession had to be learned, honed by experience and practiced, practiced, practiced. First and foremost there are attributes that you need to develop to assist you if you want to be a professional.

Below are listed some of the skills you should seek to develop and acquire:

Communication skills
The lost art of listening
Time management
Goal Setting
Answering objections
Follow up and databank recording
Presentation Skills
Product Knowledge

Professional salespeople are not order takers; they work in retail outlets where the customers come to them.

A professional salesperson is one who finds the customer, matches their needs and provides the solution, a far more challenging task.

Types of selling

There are two distinct types of selling each requiring a different technique:

  1. Selling a tangible product
    Something you can see, touch and feel such as real estate
  2. Selling intangibles
    Such as financial services and insurance

Because these products are basically ideas, a different sales technique needs to be developed. Both types of sales require the same basic skills referred to earlier however specialized skills in presenting the products need to be learnt in order to be successful in the appropriate field.

A professional salesperson needs to be confident but not overbearing, socially mobile, well presented, knowledgeable but not to the point of boring and above all have a firm belief in what they are selling.

Sincerity and honesty are two vital attributes that cannot be taught, you either have them or you don’t and your reputation and that of the company you represent will ultimately depend on these character attributes.

If you wish to hone your skills as a salesperson or join this important industry, then contact us at Storkeys’ Team and become a professional.

Contact us at Storkeys’ Team and become a professional