Leadership Training

Mike & Lesley Storkey’s hands-on knowledge in motivating and leading a team, achieving meaningful goals and providing a workable plan to achieve the company’s vision make them an ideal choice to help and mentor your operation.

Leadership Challenges

Does your business suffer from these issues?

  1. Lack of respect from staff
  2. No personal satisfaction
  3. No clear direction

Is your business missing out on opportunities as a result?

Storkeys’ Team will work with your business or organisation to overcome these challenges through our leadership & teambuilding programmes. Read our programme ideas below, and talk to us today about designing a custom training programme for your business.


The basic skill of effective management in any team. Delegation requires four major areas to be addressed in order to be effective:

  1. Specific instructions regarding the task to be completed
  2. Set a time parameter for the task to be completed
  3. Regular checks on the progress
  4. Ensure the task is not beyond the capabilities of the person to whom you delegate

Remember they may not tackle the task in the same manner as you would, but it is the outcome that matters.


Very few people plan to fail, but many people fail to plan. Perhaps one of the most important tasks of any business or individual is to know how to plan effectively. This session itemizes the steps you need to take in effectively planning and monitoring your progress. We examine Key Point Indicators or KPIs and how to effectively use them to track your progress. The importance of flexibility in planning to meet changing circumstances and markets is also covered.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of staff training & retention and often the most overlooked. This session shows how to implement an effective mentoring programme in your operation. Reap the benefits of better trained staff, enjoy the dynamics of staff satisfaction and involvement and watch your business grow.

Leaders Inspire:

Are you a “Leader ” or a “Manager”. This session highlights the difference between the two, with the emphasis on how leaders inspire their team and the importance of the vision and the ability to have others follow in order to achieve the common goal.

"Mike has maintained many leadership roles in the community and conveying to the members of the public, his ability in passing on his knowledge of dealing with people, leadership and general organizational skills. I have great pleasure in touching on the abilities of Mike Storkey."

John W.Powell
Past President of The Rotary Club of Airlie Beach
Past President – Whitsunday Chamber of Commerce
Former Councillor – Shire of Whitsunday

Making a Difference:

With the emphasis on being pro-active rather than re-active, this module seeks to inspire the members of your team to individually make a positive contribution to your business whilst keeping focused on the task at hand. This session seeks to ensure that your team keeps your business ahead of the competition by delivering service in excess of expectations.

Staff Recognition:

Do you value your staff? When was the last time you showed them you valued their contribution? A session designed to ensure that your staff feels like valued members of the team. Recognition for a job well done is far more important than a “rocket” for poor performance. Is the only time you communicate with a staff member when they do something wrong? Reap the benefits of staff recognition and see the tangible results.

Dealing with Difficult People:

Business is basically communicating with people, all of whom are different. Unfortunately these differences sometimes create difficulties between people. Learn to understand and handle these difficulties and keep them in perspective. Remember a difficult customer is still a customer and you require the skills to handle them effectively. Staff are no different.

Crisis Management:

When things go wrong, how do you rise to the challenge?
This module examines the key elements in successfully dealing with a crisis:

  • Clearly identifying and understanding the problem
  • What resources do you have to meet the challenge?
  • How best to utilize those resources
  • Do you require external help and where is it available?
  • Flexibility to react appropriately
  • The importance of being decisive
  • Putting the plan into action


Need an independent facilitator to chair a meeting, run a public information gathering session or host a conference? Then let Storkeys’ Team meet your needs. Our experience with facilitation will ensure that whatever your programme, it will be productive and run smoothly.

Corporate In House Leadership & Communications Training:

This 12 to 24 hour programme can be broken up into any combination of 2 to 3 hour sessions depending on the numbers attending. Learn to prepare and deliver speeches, master impromptu speaking, chairmanship, evaluation and meeting procedure. A complete basic course in communication and leadership which will develop your team.

Empathetic Evaluation:

Discover the value of empathetic evaluation. This module shows you how to evaluate not criticise your staff’s performance. Encourage them to develop the skills they already possess and show them how to overcome their short comings by giving constructive solutions on how to improve their performance. A most valuable tool.

Team Building:

Unless you are a one man operation you have to develop a team to achieve your goals. This session examines what makes a good team, how to motivate the group and what roles individual members will fulfill and how to best utilize their individual talents.

"It is this quality of seeking input from others to move always onwards and upwards that distinguishes Lesley in the eyes of her peers. Of course, their contribution to society extends beyond Toastmasters but I will leave it to others in their local community to speak of the contribution they have made to the Whitsunday region in so many ways over the years."

Graeme McCourt, Townsville

Invest in the future of your business now, call Storkeys’ Team and let them be a partner in your success!

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