Effective Management

Over a period of twenty five years Mike and Lesley have learned the importance of effective management. Irrespective of the size of the operation, from just a handful of staff, to running a large organisation, be it business or community based, requires effective management.

Mike and Lesley have been involved in managing various successful businesses both for themselves and for others. In addition Mike has led and managed a not-for-profit global organisation whose operations are truly international covering over 140 countries and over 350,000 members worldwide.

As Chairman of the Board, which was responsible for a budget of millions of dollars annually, Mike is fully conversant with fiduciary responsibility and the duty of care implications.

Let their first hand knowledge show you the way to effectively manage your business and reap the rewards.


The basic skill of effective management in any team. Delegation requires four major areas to be addressed in order to be effective:

  • Specific instructions regarding the task to be completed
  • Set a time parameter for the task to be completed
  • Regular checks on the progress
  • Ensure the task is not beyond the capabilities of the person to whom you delegate

Remember they may not tackle the task in the same manner as you would, but it is the outcome that matters.


Very few people plan to fail, but many people fail to plan. Perhaps one of the most important tasks of any business or individual is to know how to plan effectively. This session itemizes the steps you need to take in effectively planning and monitoring your progress. We examine Key Point Indicators or KPIs and how to effectively use them to track your progress. The importance of flexibility in planning to meet changing circumstances and markets is also covered.

Staff Recognition

Do you value your staff? When was the last time you showed them you valued their contribution? A session designed to ensure that your staff feels like valued members of the team. Recognition for a job well done is far more important than a “rocket” for poor performance. Is the only time you communicate with a staff member when they do something wrong? Reap the benefits of staff recognition and see the tangible results.

Dealing with Difficult People

Business is basically communicating with people, all of whom are different. Unfortunately these differences sometimes create difficulties between people. Learn to understand and handle these difficulties and keep them in perspective. Remember a difficult customer is still a customer and you require the skills to handle them effectively. Staff are no different.

Crisis Management

When things go wrong, how do you rise to the challenge?
This module examines the key elements in successfully dealing with a crisis:

  1. Clearly identifying and understanding the problem
  2. What resources do you have to meet the challenge?
  3. How best to utilize those resources
  4. Do you require external help and where is it available?
  5. Flexibility to react appropriately
  6. The importance of being decisive
  7. Putting the plan into action


Need an independent facilitator to chair a meeting, run a public information gathering session or host a conference? Then let Storkeys’ Team meet your needs. Our experience with facilitation will ensure that whatever your programme, it will be productive and run smoothly.

Empathetic Evaluation

Discover the value of empathetic evaluation. This module shows you how to evaluate not criticise your staff’s performance. Encourage them to develop the skills they already possess and show them how to overcome their short comings by giving constructive solutions on how

  • Delegation
  • Planning
  • Mentoring
  • Leaders inspire
  • Making a Difference
  • Staff Recognition
  • Dealing with Difficult people
  • Crisis Management
  • Facilitation
  • Corporate in House leadership & Communications Training
  • Empathetic Evaluation
  • Team Building

“Mike and Lesley are not only knowledgeable and can handle question and answer sessions with great ease, but when confronted by a situation where they may not have the experience or knowledge to answer a question, will either refer to someone with that experience in the audience, or will take the matter in hand, and following their own research, get back to the audience or person querying with an appropriate response.

Mike and Lesley are both personable and proficient in their presentations.   They make an audience feel at ease, present difficult subjects so that they are easily understood, and leave the audience feeling they have had the opportunity to be heard and understood.
I have no hesitation in commending and recommending both Mike and Lesley Storkey as speakers and trainers, in any situation they are prepared to undertake.”

Clare J Murphy
Date:  1 December 2009
Past International Director: Toastmasters International
Inspector (Retired) Queensland Police Service.

The need to effectively manage your resources has never been more important.

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