Effective and Powerful Communication

Whether talking to a client or presenting to a group or even addressing a large audience, powerful communication is a vital tool in getting your message across.

Over 25 years experience in communicating to staff; clients and the community at large have allowed Lesley and Mike to hone their communications skills. From preparation to delivery let Storkeys’ Team show you how to read your audience, enhance your speaking skills and avoid the risk of being misunderstood.


As an Individual

  • Have you got something to say and don’t know how?
  • Do you want to acquire the skills to help you communicate either on a personal or professional level?

As a Business Person

Does your business suffer from:

  • Not listening to their customers?
  • Communication breakdown with staff?
  • Wasted time due to poor communication?

Then enrol in SPEAK OUT and have your say!!

Modules to address these challenges

  1. Oral Presentations
  2. Corporate in House Leadership & Communications Training
  3. Empathetic Evaluation
  4. Speech Delivery
  5. Impromptu Speaking

“Mike and Lesley speak with confidence and knowledge. They are relaxed in front of an audience and engage people in their presentations.”

Graeme McCourt

“Both Mike and Lesley present their training and information sessions with knowledge, enthusiasm and empathy.   They have the ability to hand difficult topics or situations with aplomb and leave audiences feeling their have been given the opportunity to be heard.

They are also excellent at managing the time allotted to them, particularly when their audience becomes very involved in the topic.  They have a range of methods to move the audience to the next point, or to bring closure to a presentation, without alienating the audience.

Whilst they have the ability to use notes with ease, Mike and Lesley very rarely need to refer to their notes or reference materials. They ensure they have a sound knowledge of the subject which they are addressing, and are excellent at using personal examples or highlighting situations to support their points.

Mike and Lesley speak from experience on a range of subjects, and regularly involve their audiences using visual aids, and interactive methods to put forward their points.   They encourage participation in the form of comments and questions, and make each person feel they have something to contribute to the presentation.”

Clare J Murphy
Date:  1 December 2009
Past International Director Toastmasters International
Inspector (Retired) Queensland Police Service.

Everyone has something to say…

Let Storkeys’ Team help you to effectively communicate your message