Dynamic Speakers

The ability to convey a clear message and still motivate others to achieve a required course of action should be the aim of any speaker. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

Many are downright scared of any form of speaking in public, others lack the basic skills. Yet it has never been more important to acquire these skills in order to adequately communicate both in your business and professional life.

These skills will give you a competitive edge and develop yourself confidence whatever endeavour you undertake.

Why Storkeys’ Team?

Mike and Lesley have been active members of Toastmasters International for over 20 years. This worldwide organisation is dedicated to developing communication and leadership skills. During their membership both have represented their areas and won various speech competitions. In addition both have given professional presentations to audiences from all walks of life.

A passion for communication makes Mike and Lesley an ideal choice to assist you to become a dynamic speaker.

Mike and Lesley are pleased to be associated with Mark Hunter. Mark is an accomplished speaker trainer and coach. He has won international public speaking contests, and has been Australia’s National Champion  in 1996, 1999, 2001, 2007 and 2009. He has also competed successfully in the Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Debating competition, being on the winning team twice!

Mark was crowned World Champion of Public Speaking in 2009 in Connecticut (USA) in August of that year.

He has presented keynotes, workshops, ‘hypotheticals’, and speeches on a range of topics at local, state, national and international conferences.

Skills needed to become a dynamic speaker

This course covers the skills needed to become a dynamic speaker:

  1. Speech preparation
  2. Speech Construction
  3. Selecting your topic
  4. Vocal Variety
  5. Use of Gestures
  6. How to use props
  7. Eye contact
  8. Read your audience
  9. Microphone technique

“Mike and Lesley speak at a pace that makes it easy for the audience to follow their subject. They welcome questions or observations and can speak from experience on a range of topics. Questions which cannot be answered on the spot are stored for research and follow-up with the person who asked. They usually end presentations with a call to action which further involves the audience.
They can both use power point to emphasise material but they are careful not to let the technology run the show. They speak to the audience and not the screen.

People pay attention to the presenters and the material, they ask questions and they respond appropriately. Mike and Lesley usually succeed in keeping the audience’s attention and I, for one, invariably learn something I had not known before, despite my own experience.
It is evident that Mike and Lesley have extensive knowledge on a range of topics from better speaking styles and tips to running smoother meetings to organisational administration.

Mike and Lesley speak with confidence and knowledge. They are relaxed in front of an audience and engage people in their presentations.”

Graeme McCourt

Conquer your fear . The skills to be a dynamic speaker can be learned.
Let Mike and Lesley show you the way to speak in public and enjoy the experience. Others will be glad you did!

Let Mike and Lesley show you the way to speak in public