Personal Development

Mike and Lesley have spent the last 25 years specialising in personal development in both business and community organisations. Working with individuals or groups and seeing them reach their potential is one of the most rewarding aspects of mentoring according to the pair.

Many reach a level of proficiency and then stagnate; the real challenge is to unlock the potential within. A challenge that Mike and Lesley find immensely rewarding.

Change is the only certainty in this modern world.

To take advantage of the opportunities that change presents one has to constantly develop one’s existing skills and learn new ones. The only limit to an individual’s personal growth is the limit they place on themselves.

As an individual find out what your potential really is, as an employer discover the talent that is within your organisation and put it to good use.


  1. To consistently upgrade your skills
  2. Develop skills in others to benefit your business
  3. To develop leaders from within your own organisation

Modules to address these challenges

1. Personal Growth

2. Attitude – do you have one?

Realise the full potential that personal development offers, and unlock the door to opportunity. Storkeys’ Team can provide the key.

“As a Past District 69 Governor for Toastmasters International, I know the effort that goes into presenting these courses and have certainly seen yourself and Mike present them in a way that has encouraged new and existing Toastmasters to go out and achieve their goals. You both always ensure that your presentations are of the highest quality as the skills you display in presenting them.You are always prepared and ensure your audience not only learns from your presentations but enjoys them as well.”

Sandra Simpson, DTM
District 69 Governor, 2003-2004