Business Mentoring Programme

In all facets of life, any ability, talent or business skills need to be constantly exercised and upgraded in order to maintain a competitive edge.

World champion athletes all have coaches. Sporting teams rely on regular training and guidance from coaches to ensure their continued success. Businesses are no different.

Most business owners are usually heavily involved in running the business from day to day to such an extent that they have little or no time to dedicate to structuring an effective business plan, developing new markets and opportunities or the regular training of staff. It all just seems to hopefully happen “on the job”!

Business Mentoring provides the opportunity to ensure that the vital activities of training, facilitation and development are an integral part of your business operation. Storkeys’ Team can provide a specifically designed yearly programme to meet your company’s unique needs.

From regular staff training sessions and assessments to strategic planning and facilitation, this programme keeps the business on track and you in control. In addition the investment in the programme is spread over twelve monthly payments thereby reducing the effect one payment can have on your cash flow.

Would you like to have someone to organize and provide:

  • Regular monthly business meetings to review progress
  • Two x half day training sessions where you select the topics covered
  • Unbiased assessments of staff
  • Individual staff training if required
  • Development of a business plan for the future (optional)
  • A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis to consider your business position
  • Up to 30 hours of facilitation, appraisal, preparation and research to suit your specific needs
  • A full confidentiality guarantee (naturally!)

..all within an easy monthly payment plan to protect the cash flow?

To find out more about our Business Mentoring Programme contact Storkeys’ Team now and reap the rewards.

“We would like to thank you both for helping us develop and maintain a business /marketing plan. You have provided us with tools to monitor our progress. We are grateful for the excellent, efficient and professional service delivered by you. Everything has been completed to a very high standard. We would have no hesitation in recommending you to any potential client.”

Rex Snowsill and Cathy Smith
Elite Pest Management & Carpet Cleaning

“Thank you for your professional advice recently. Things have been tough in town as you know. Starting up a new business in a new town on a high just over three years ago and then taking a slippery dip ride to where things are today has taken its toll on my family both financially and emotionally. Although we have had over 30 years in business it was great to be able to turn to you as a business advisor, mentor and friend to discuss my options for the future. Your sound advice and local knowledge helped me through a very stressful time. We have been able to negotiate a more manageable arrangement with our landlords which will now allow us to move forward with a glass half full rather than half empty. One nice personal touch is that I have just been presented with a 20-year Citation for my contribution to “Advancing the Design Industry” by the Design Institute of Australia. Thankyou once again.”

Suzie Beirne, m.d.i.a.
Maison Jardin Pty.Ltd. – “Island Edge@ Maison Jardin”

“Mike and Lesley Storkey have helped us get our business on track after years of frustration trying to achieve these business development milestones on our own. Any or all items from their amazing repertoire will benefit any small business. We took a one year package and, if our experience is anything to go by, the value for money is excellent.”

Kerrie Leech,
Director Media Whitsunday / Leech Marketing Services

Contact Storkeys’ Team now and reap the rewards