Professional Development

Conferences and business seminars are usually the focal point of the business year. Delegates representing all departments and locations gather together to celebrate achievements, undertake new initiatives and most importantly develop their individual skills. In short it is an exercise in “professional development.”

It is the company’s or organisation’s showcase and often the sole opportunity to gather together its members in one place. Much time and consideration is often given to the location, venue and objectives but to achieve the desired outcome requires facilitators and presenters who can deliver the message and instill new skills.

Mike and Lesley have a great insight into what makes conferences and seminars successful. Participating in  large and small conferences both at home and overseas has provided them with the ability to make your special event an exercise in “professional development” not just a get together.

If you are looking for the opportunity to present a special event that focuses on professional development, motivation and entertainment let Storkeys’ Team assist you to present memorable keynote speakers, excellent facilitation and an event to remember.

“Both Mike and Lesley present their training and information sessions with knowledge, enthusiasm and empathy.   They have the ability to hand difficult topics or situations with aplomb and leave audiences feeling their have been given the opportunity to be heard.
They are also excellent at managing the time allotted to them, particularly when their audience becomes very involved in the topic.  They have a range of methods to move the audience to the next point, or to bring closure to a presentation, without alienating the audience.

Whilst they have the ability to use notes with ease, Mike and Lesley very rarely need to refer to their notes or reference materials. They ensure they have a sound knowledge of the subject which they are addressing, and are excellent at using personal examples or highlighting situations to support their points.

Mike and Lesley speak from experience on a range of subjects, and regularly involve their audiences using visual aids, and interactive methods to put forward their points. They encourage participation in the form of comments and questions, and make each person feel they have something to contribute to the presentation.

They are both proficient at using visual aids and in particular Power Point and other overhead projections. Mike and Lesley do not use visual aids as ‘the presentation itself’ but only to support points they are making.  They address the audience and not the visual aids and have processes to remove them, once they are no longer required to necessary to the presentation.
Mike and Lesley are not only knowledgeable and can handle question and answer sessions with great ease, but when confronted by a situation where they may not have the experience or knowledge to answer a question, will either refer to someone with that experience in the audience, or will take the matter in hand, and following their own research, get back to the audience or person querying with an appropriate response.

Mike and Lesley are both personable and proficient in their presentations. They make an audience feel at ease, present difficult subjects so that they are easily understood, and leave the audience feeling they have had the opportunity to be heard and understood.
I have no hesitation in commending and recommending both Mike and Lesley Storkey as speakers and trainers, in any situation they are prepared to undertake.”

Clare J Murphy
Date:  1 December 2009
Past International Director – Toastmasters International
Inspector (Retired) Queensland Police Service.

In summary, it should be emphasised that all our programmes are designed and developed in response to our clients’ needs and objectives.

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