Storkeys’ Team has been created to provide a growing demand for training in the areas of business development, communication and leadership skills , with a special emphasis on providing specially designed packages to suit individual clients’ needs.

An indication of the diversity of modules available can be gauged on our Benefits of Training page.

The principal trainers are Mike and Lesley Storkey who, although Queensland locals for 25 years, will travel wherever the need arises and have been involved in training a variety of non profit organizations, government departments and real estate offices during this period. In addition they have presented keynotes, facilitated public forums, business meetings and youth programmes throughout Australia and over a dozen countries worldwide. Their audiences have comprised attendees of various cultures, ethnicity and languages.

Their conference packages have been designed to offer another level of service to convention venues and those planning events. All such packages can of course be customised to serve your individual conference clients.

Storkeys’ Team believes that the highest level of success in any training or facilitation programme results from utilising a variety of training methods and to this end we incorporate facilitation, adventure-based learning and in and out of room environments. We should remind you that our programmes cover two trainers/facilitators.

Conference Packages We Offer

Leadership And Team Building

  • Delegation
  • Planning
  • Mentoring
  • Leaders Inspire
  • Making a Difference
  • Staff Recognition
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Facilitation
  • Corporate In House Leadership & Communications Training
  • Empathetic Evaluation
  • Team Building

Effective Management

  • Time Management
  • Delegation
  • Planning
  • Staff Recognition
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Facilitation
  • Empathetic Evaluation

Interactive Marketing

  • Prospecting
  • Customer Service
  • Maintaining Your Data Base
  • Marketing versus Order Taking
  • Closing the Sale
  • Contact Management

Personal Development

  • Personal Growth
  • Attitude- do you have one?

Powerful Communication

  • Oral Presentations
  • Corporate In House Leadership & Communications Training
  • Empathetic Evaluation

All our packages are inclusive of GST and include the whole project cycle of research, preliminary discussions to ascertain the objectives and issues involved and the company vision; preparation and approval; the processes and programme itself and the assessment process which follows.

Summary of Our Programmes

A brief summary of example packages suitable for two-hourly, half day and full day programmes is as follows:

Two Hours

This time frame lends itself to communication skills learning. This would incorporate a short adventure-based exercise to determine the level of trust between participants.

The main emphasis would be on eliciting the areas that need to be worked upon and developing ongoing targets in particular areas for the participants. This package will include workshop areas of impromptu speaking, role plays, presentation skills and other examples to build on current communication skills.

Cost: approximately $500

Half Day

This session is the minimal time needed to incorporate team-building and would commence with a determination of the team dynamics and the level of trust and safety between participants.

Initially we would be using an example of Team Types which encourages an understanding of the necessities for choosing and building a successful team. The first exercise would involve an exercise such as the Ankle Walk, the main strength of which is in the debriefing.

The major point of this package would be to aim towards each participant working on and realising his/her full potential.

Cost: approximately $750

Full Day

A programme over a full day would allow us to develop into areas of leadership, vision sharing and organisational issues, which may include conflict resolution.

Processes used here would incorporate not only some adventure-based learning activities (as an example one activity explores the development of highlighting potential leaders and the working together of two areas of business e.g. marketing and sales) as mentioned above but would permit us to explore small group breakouts.

It would be essential to maintain regular debriefing throughout to allow reflection on the sessions, challenges arising and a focus on the overall objectives.

Cost: approximately $1250-2500 depending on group size and specific times

In summary, it should be emphasised that only after prior discussions with the business owners/managers eliciting the areas on which we need to work, can we develop the detailed programme which will best cover the business requests and needs.

“In the past 8 years I have both participated in and observed training conducted by Lesley and Mike Storkey and have not only found their training content to be of the highest standard but also thoroughly enjoyed their training style.

They are always well prepared as trainers with a thorough knowledge base but it is their style as trainers that keep their audience engaged and enthusiastic.

Lesley and Mike always involve their audience in their sessions and get great participation.  I have observed their style in dealing with “difficult” audience members – those who don’t want to participate through to the “know it alls” and these situations have always been handled well with no-one feeling left out, always encouraged, never put down and the audience not disenfranchised because of a minority. They have a great way of keeping participants feeling valued.

I particularly like their style of combining traditional learning with hands-on practice, workshop style sessions where you have to actually “do” the learning.”

Marilyn Freeman
Executive Assistant – Committees Office, Qld Parliament
Advanced Toastmaster Silver, HPL
Assessor & Trainer Cert IV